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Красильная машина Mageba Multi End Thermosol

Красильная машина Mageba Multi End Thermosol

Machine for the continuous dyeing of several light or medium rigid tapes made from natural or synthetic fibers (including polyester). Straight tape passage with specified operating width. Excellent colour fastness by repeated washing and subsequent squeezing of the tapes in the wash baths. Running sense at customers’ needs and requirements. Frequency controlled drives for infinitely variable speed including crawl speed and smooth acceleration. A modern state-of-the-art PLC system and touch screen is used to control the machine. Plug connections ensure easy wiring and quick start-up. Additionally each machine is equipped with an Ethernet modem for remote diagnostics and service.


  • Quantity tapes: max. 6
  • Tape width: max. 60 mm (6 tapes)
  • Work width: 400 mm
  • Maschine speed: 3 – 30 m/min
  • Infrared pre-dryer: Electrically heated
  • Wash unit: Steam or electrically heated
  • Hot air dryer, fixation cabinet: Electrically or gas heated
  • Steam supply: 5 bar
  • Compressed air supply: min. 6 – max. 10 bar
  • Water supply: 2 – 6 bar


Standard delivery scope

  • Feed-in device
  • Dye padder with feed tank in moveable execution including circulation pump / content 50 litres
  • Infrared pre-dryer / tape content 18 m
  • Fixation cabinet / tape content 45 m
  • 4 wash units
  • Finishing padder
  • Hot air dryer / tape content 45 m
  • Take-off device with three stations and ionisation



  • Knot detector
  • Heat recovery system (Hot air dryer à Infrared pre-dryer)
  • Pressing and polishing calender

… further accessories upon request


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