Челночный ткацкий станок Mageba Rapier Series

Machine for the production of complex light to medium technical and medical textiles of large widths with both sides woven edges. The rapier technology allows for a compact shuttle design and a near to the selvedge positioning. Weft insertion by means of a permanently controlled shuttle. Servo drives for infinitely variable speed including crawl speed and smooth acceleration. A modern state-of-the-art PLC system and touch screen is used for the control of the machine. Additionally each machine is equipped with an Ethernet modem for remote diagnostics and service.



Gap width

Reed width

SL-J ST 1/4/1200 R

1200 mm

1200 mm

SL-J XT 1/4/1200 R

1200 mm

1200 mm

SL-U XT 1/4/1200 R

1200 mm

1200 mm


Technical details

  • Quantity weaving positions: 1
  • Quantity shuttle levels: 4
  • Shuttle movement actuated by: Rapier
  • Shed motion system: Jacquard
  • Quantity hooks: 3072
  • Machine speed: max. 60 picks/min
  • Weft density: 0,5 – 60 picks/cm
  • Shuttle with flange spool Ø 38 x 100 mm
  • Batten: Movable version


Standard delivery scope

  • Double tape take-off with rubber coated rollers (Greenline)
  • Warp thread feed-in via rods including warp thread stop motion
  • Back reed holder including back reed stop motion



  • Positive let-off motion
  • Knurled take-off rollers
  • Table take-off
  • Weaving accessories (Reeds, droppers, healds etc.)
  • V-reed device

… further accessories upon request


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