Обмоточный сращиватель типа ILLMAN / ILLMAN WRAP SPLICER

Сращиватель обмотчик типа ILLMAN для соединения нитей высокой линейной плотности и крученых.

Belt fitting

ATS fitting

  • The unique splicer to join traditional textile yarns and composite fiber tows in processes where knots are objectionable or impossible to tie.
  • It produces high-strength joins in virtually any material within reasonable size limitations, including chenille, fiberglass, Kevlar, graphite, Polyester, nylon and cotton.
  • The splice is made by tightly wrapping a fine yarn around overlapped ends of the subject yarn.
  • It can be mounted on a waist-belt for portability or on the electric version of the ATS system, for efficient operation on many different types of processing materials, including creels.

Cod. 101
for regular yarns and rovings

Cod. 103
for very coarse rovings



  • Begin the splicer operation by overlapping the ends of yarn the desired amount.
  • Place the ends in the wrap wheel slot (see Figures 1 and 2).
  • Press the switch lever at the right of the wrap wheel to begin wheel rotation. As the wheel rotates, a fine yarn from the bobbin is wound tightly around the ends, joining them securely. The operator controls the length of splice being made by moving the yarn from left to right.
  • The complete splice is removed to the right of the splicing wheel, and the wrap yarn is then broken. (see Figures 3 and 4).

Tensile strength increases proportionally with the wrapping wheel time and length of splice.



ILLMAN 101/103 PDF


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